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The "paperwork", large number of unnecessary emails, the lack of information control and bureaucratization in a company's processes generate errors and decrease its productivity, do you agree?

Meet the ATS.flow 

It looks like a "seven-headed bug", but it's not! And, thinking about this project with affection will make all the difference in the productivity of your company, believe me!

ATS.flow analyzes and improves your company's workflow using technology that will intelligently connect your current systems, connecting employees to processes in an organized and practical way.

With all the company's activities systematically planned and controlled, communication between departments becomes more efficient, consequently the company's workflow will be continuously optimized. This eliminates bottlenecks in the entire process, which inevitably generates a cost reduction  for the company, and a lot is gained in efficiency.

ATS Tecnologia offers a service for mapping and automating company processes, called BPM (Business Process Management). After the implementation of the software, what happens is the dematerialization of the processes, which will allow no more paper handling in any of the stages of the process.

As the process is now carried out entirely electronically, for example: from the opening of a contract to its signature, which will also be digital. In addition, it will be possible to follow the process data in real time, using indicators that allow the intelligent analysis of the process.

In addition to the direct results of automating the process, we observed that projects of this nature increase the integration and exchange of knowledge between teams from different areas of the organization, placing the customer/user at the center of the solution.

ATS.flow is the first step of a digital transformation journey that we already know, which will be inevitable for the survival of companies in the very near future . Companies that anticipate this change will already be ahead of their competitors, both in terms of offering advantages to their prospects in closing new deals, as well as in productivity and, consequently, in revenue.

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