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#innovation this is the way! But, which way is this?

Here you go with that “chat” again! Is everyone now forced to #INNOVATE?

  • After all, what  has to be changed in my business?

  • How do I know where I am and where I'm going?

  • Can I innovate from my current reality?

  • What is the first step? Where do I start?

  • How do I identify the steps on the way?

  • What will change in my operations?

  • Does innovation necessarily depend on high investments in new technologies?

  • Can I innovate just by changing the way I think and behave in my business?

And so it goes! There's no way not to identify with these doubts, is there? We really have a lot to tell you, and you will gain a lot by listening to us.

#INNOVATION in legal is already a reality, right?

And “how far” is the evolution of process automation in companies as a whole? And within the legal departments of large companies?

Believe it! They are already hiring robots for many administrative activities, you know?... The truth  is that taking a step in this direction is strategic, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ not only to be competitive, but mainly to attract and keep customers, who are increasingly digitized and with their thoughts "out of the box".



#INOVAR why? 

We know that everything changes faster and faster e given the speed of change, doing things the same way and expecting different results will not lead us in the direction of innovation. Is not?


Ask yourself: Will companies that are innovating in work processes hire legal firms, accounting firms, etc., without automation? This is a great “crossroads” where issues such as INNOVATION, KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, PROCESS MANAGEMENT and DESIGN THINKING are found. All of them will bring you closer to the reality of the market, and improve your results. Know more...




#INNOVATION. What does this have to do with “Design Thinking”?


What exactly does this mean? Does this work for me? What will you help me with? Trust me, it will help a lot! It is an approach, as it proposes a new way of thinking. It is a “mental model”, of an iterative and flexible nature, centered on the human being and that accelerates innovation and the solution of complex problems. Want to know how it works?

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