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Automação Robotica de Processos

ELO Suite

ECM Suite - Gerenciamento de conteúdo empresarial

Equinix® - data center internacional

Nossa nuvem está na Equinix®

Excelência na Gestão e Conformidade Empresarial

Gestão Inteligente de Documentos Jurídicos


Software de comparação de documentos


Telefonia IP - PABX em Nuvem


A ATS protege os dados dos seus clientes com o que há de mais avançado em Firewall no mundo.

We are partners with the best!

We offer software recognized worldwide for its high performance. 

Our expertise of more than 20 years implementing solutions and helping our customers to innovate and exceed their productivity expectations, with numerous successful cases recognized in various segments.

Our essence is to transform companies' business processes into digital, dynamic, collaborative, mobile and secure, transforming work considerably into: more productive and assertive.


Robotic process automation is here to stay. The sooner you tap into your potential, the faster you will create a competitive advantage for your business. Use UiPath's virtual assistant, it never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and is considerably faster.

With business software for enterprise content management (ECM), you can digitize your business processes and your entire enterprise information management.



GED Technology is considered the greatest asset when it comes to allowing lawyers to spend time providing more value-added services to their clients.

By broadening the search in data repositories, Decisiv Search provides a more  comprehensive view of the company's tacit knowledge.
Integrations with the most popular applications such as OpenText eDocs, iManage Worksite, 

SharePoint among others.




From the team that brought you DeltaView, get the fastest and most accurate way to compare two files. Understand each change in a document according to materiality and access it wherever the workday takes you on any device. Built into the apps you use every day: iManage, NetDocuments, HighQ, Google G Suite and more.

Improve your customer service through a 100% customizable call center. Create menus, queues, opening hours, in addition to viewing reports and having a daily report of the operation in your email.


Work smarter, with more agility and assertiveness.

Litera is transforming the way legal teams of all sizes improve documents, conduct business and manage cases. 

Elevate the organization's performance  based on the principles of continuous improvement, preventive management and focus on results. Among the tools applied are Business Content Management (ECM), Process Management (BPM), Human Development Management (HDM), Balanced Scorecard (BSC).


Equinix is the global digital infrastructure company. Digital leaders benefit from our trusted platform to aggregate and interconnect an infrastructure that underpins and drives their success. We allow our customers to access all the places, partners and possibilities they need to establish a competitive advantage. Equinix® owns 200 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers on 5 continents.

WatchGuard has developed approximately one million integrated multifunction threat management appliances worldwide. Our unique red boxes are architected to be the smartest, fastest and best security devices on the market, with every scan engine running at full power.

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