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Get to know some tasks already automated for the legal and accounting sector

Meet ATS.robot - Digital Task Assistant

Through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ATS TECNOLOGIA transforms different day-to-day tasks into a workflow that is “taught” to the robot.

Is it like hiring a new assistant? Yea! The robot works 24/7, very quickly and without making mistakes. 

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(RPA) is the technology that allows computer software to perform actions typically performed by humans on digital software. It provides the reduction of errors, greater speed and well-being for employees . That's because they stop performing the repetitive and boring actions of everyday life, and focus their workforce on strategic actions.


It is important to note that, just like a human being, the robot performs one task at a time . It's up to you to create a "queue" of automations/activities for him, until he occupies his 24 hours a day. 

ATS.robot is not a "service available on the internet" , it is software from which you purchase a license , and ATS Tecnologia offers the customization service, teaching the tasks mapped to the robot.


The more tasks you map to your robot, the more cost-effective the robot license will be. For this reason, we often encourage customers to think of the robot as a "JOURNEY of automation".


But what if the system is down? What if the internet goes down? The (robot) is trained to make the right decision according to the situation. If the system is out, IT must be notified. If the information is incorrect, the person in charge of the area will be called, generating a trace of all the actions that are performed for future auditing.

Does the robot need a dedicated machine to work? Yup. During the robot's operation, the machine it is working on needs to be dedicated. However, it can use a virtual machine.


What can I automate?
All actions that follow an execution pattern and do not depend on an analysis, such as accessing a website, extracting information from a spreadsheet, registering information, etc., are now performed by the robot at pre-defined times or on demand.

Still on the "human analysis" during a task, the robot can "stop" the task, forward it to a person to analyze, and then receive a new "PLAY" continuing from there. It all depends on carefully mapping the task, and teaching the robot exactly what to do. Once the task has been learned, and the robot's paths remain unchanged, it follows the pattern without errors.


A practical example that occurs in law firms is the need to replicate specific information on client systems. In this case, the employee must access the internal system, extract the data and copy it to the client's system. This activity can be easily transferred to the robot. Wouldn't that be nice?

See a list of activities that have already been automated for legal offices by ATS.

In accounting firms, Federal Tax Debts and Credits (DCTF) are declared for many clients. The preparation of this document consists of filling in the customer's data and validating the taxes paid through DARFs on the Federal Revenue website. The robot identifies the company's CNPJ and consults all data in the e-CAC, using a digital certificate. Prepares the DCTF including all Debits and Credits for the period and generates a report with all the information registered. Finally , the robot transmits the DCTF to the IRS and downloads the Receipt to guarantee the execution of the task.

See a list of activities that have already been automated for accounting offices by ATS.

Tasks such as “baseline audits” – searching for evidence of actions within one or more systems to prove a certain situation – can be extremely tiring and time-consuming. This “base audit” is easily performed by the robot, from the location of actions in several systems simultaneously, to the generation of reports (dossiers) with the actions of the audited user. He can do this work at any time of the day or even during the night, when systems are less used, and deliver all the work ready the next morning. What about?

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