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GED do juridico | Gestão de Documentos

eDOCS eliminates the numerous inefficiencies caused by the inability to manage documents, allowing lawyers to capture, organize, locate and share business content in a secure, integrated and intuitive environment.

Productivity increase


eDOCS increases productivity by enabling faster access to content, providing control over multiple versions of a document, and allowing users to better organize them, whether using a folder structure, custom workspaces, or composing documents. It integrates with MS Office, providing the user with a rich experience, minimizing the time spent on learning how to use it and simplifying the ways in which it is used.


eDOCS is able to monitor the use of its repository, reporting excess activities by the end user, preventing information security leaks within the organization. It is a proactive security tool concerned with the disclosure or theft of confidential information.

Email Management

eDOCS allows you to organize and classify emails in the document repository while complying with corporate governance, privacy and other requirements.

Image Crawler

eDOCS Image Crawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting infrastructure that automatically and intelligently evaluates image-based documents in your repository for conversion into a searchable format.


Modern systems must follow the APPS trend and eDOCS does this in an exemplary way, ensuring the same user experience on any current mobile device.

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