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Meet the legal ATS.robot!

ATS.robot is your digital assistant that simplifies work

in offices and legal departments.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a guarantee  of productivity and assertiveness!

Process automation can reduce the time spent on legal processes by up to 90%. Did you know?

Automation of day-to-day processes and tasks is positively revolutionizing operations in the legal sector. The implementation of a platform such as ATS.robot enormously enhances productivity, eliminates the occurrence of errors, and guarantees the standardization of the work process.


Contrary to what is thought about RPA in the legal field, it is a quick implementation and low initial investment. Its cost-benefit becomes evident in a short time, when one observes the optimization of the time spent on operational activities, the agility and scalability of the activities, the increase in efficiency in the registration/registration process, in the procedural update and in the simplification of the workflow.


Get to know some tasks that were recently automated by ATS Tecnologia in some offices, legal departments and in a large Foundation. Your company will certainly identify with some of them:


  • Update of procedural progress - Copy the progress of the internal system of procedural follow-up to the client's system (legal office);

  • Conference of Rendering of Accounts Report - Check the charges and expenses by client/process (legal office);

  • Information Extraction – Extract data from different sites/databases for analysis or updating of systems (legal office);

  • Preparation of different Monitoring Reports – such as, for example, updating reports with the number of cases per Customer product (legal office);

  • Monitoring of the client's process follow-up system – such as capturing data from distributed processes, requesting payments, scheduling deadlines, etc. (legal office);

  • Preparation of Subsidies, Approval of Payments, Proof of Payments, Update of Lawyers, Complaint History, Official Letters Brazil, Automatic Response of Official Letters, Request for Payment, Register of Measures – Legal Ops routine activities (legal department);

  • Preparation of documents – Preparation of documents from pre-established models (office and legal department);

  • Contract automation - Automatic personalized elaboration of contracts from templates (legal offices and departments);

In addition to the tasks mentioned, there are other tasks in testing and in development that will certainly soon be on this list of deployed automations.

If your office or legal department is interested in testing ATS.robot, performing the POC of one of its simple tasks for a period, please contact us!

Understand the terms of the UiPath license, the platform used for the development of ATS.robot

Some ATS.robot clients:

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enrich leão.png

associated lawyers

Enrich Leão


We "train" the ATS.robot so that it "learns" to repeat its tasks, exactly as you perform them. He repeats them continuously at his command, with agility and assertiveness, freeing up his time for more strategic and analytical activities.

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