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WatchGuard has developed approximately one million integrated multifunction threat management appliances worldwide. Our unique red boxes are architected to be the smartest, fastest and best security devices on the market, with every scan engine running at full power.

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WatchGuard Firebox is an advanced, comprehensive network security platform that once again puts control in the hands of IT security professionals, tasked with networks with enterprise-grade security tools and threat visibility suitable for any organization, regardless of budget, size or complexity.

One platform.
Total security.

Layered protection.
Defense against phishing.
Threat correlation.

A stateful firewall is simply not enough anymore. Every business needs a full arsenal of scanning mechanisms to protect its network. WatchGuard Firebox is a Unified Security Platform that protects your entire network from intrusions, phishing attempts, malware, ransomware and other threats.

Trabalho remoto

Resources to secure remote work

The chances of experiencing cyber attacks can increase significantly with remote work, which represents one of the challenges in enabling this type of work. Without the benefit of internal network protections, a user working outside the office could become infected without their knowledge and even spread that infection to their environment by reconnecting to your network.

Increase remote worker security to ensure business continuity​

  •  Analyze your business plan to keep working with employees out of the office

  •  Review policies to communicate expectations related to remote and mobile workers

  •  Teach employees not to be affected by cybersecurity attacks while working remotely

  •  Implement multi-factor authentication to secure identities and applications

  •  Increase VPN capacity as needed for increased remote access demand

  •  Help remote workers enable secure Wi-Fi networks

  •  Apply zero trust principles in networks and applications

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