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opentext decisiv - google do juridico

Find documents, cases, processes, specialists and diverse information, searching at the same time in different repositories of ECM documents, emails, databases of other ERP systems, CRM, WEB sites, etc.

Find documents without using keywords

Find relevant results from word relationships and concept-based search, no need to find specific words

Encontre palavras-chaves no Documentos Juridic


Busque com precisão Documentos Juridicos
search accurately

Identify key phrases in document content and create a concept map based on the relationship between words. Discover terms you may have missed by including or excluding selected phrases for better search results

Filter the result through faceted search

Use different intelligent filters created automatically from existing information, such as: Lawyers, Clients, Cases, Processes, Dates, Senders, Recipients and others

Busca facetada no juridico
Autores e Especalistas o Juridico
Identify Authors and Subject Matter Experts

Search authored and proprietary content to identify and connect with subject matter experts

Organize search results with simplified graphics

View documents by dates to easily isolate a specific time period

Organize resultados de busca no Juidico

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