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A cloud

For ATS Tecnologia, Cloud Computing is a fundamental technology for the development of law firms and, for this reason, it offers the best management for its customers' cloud environment, from the infrastructure migration process to services such as disaster recovery, backup, scalability, constant maintenance, among others.

Managed Infrastructure

By opting for Cloud Computing, it is possible to adapt the entire system without upfront capital expenditures for equipment purchases, organization of Data Center spaces, environment cooling, among others.

High IT Availability

The purpose of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to identify and map the critical processes so that the company has its survival guaranteed in unexpected situations, emergencies, disasters and failures, which affect the entire organization.

Cloud Telephony

  • Save on your business / Reduce your expenses;

  • Communicate anywhere, anytime;

  • Simple to configure. Simple to use.

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