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The fastest way to compare and review documents

When you need to compare two documents, see exactly what changed and get to the final version much, much faster.

Comparing is necessary



Since first launching into the Legal market with innovative DeltaView technology, Workshare has perfected and perfected the document comparison software. 16 years of experience have led to the fastest and most accurate way to compare two documents.

accurately compare

When you compare two documents as part of a structured review, all changes matter. Complete the process quickly and accurately, ensuring that not the slightest change is missed.

Quickly identify changes

Using Workshare Compare, it's easy to identify, review and apply changes to a document. Produce accurate and fast rectangles, with all changes categorized.

Select excerpts to compare

Workshare's selective sharing gives you the option to compare snippets of text or code, or you can compare two images or tables - any content really.

Flexible and mobile comparison

Whether users are in the office or on the go, they can access documents from their desktop or mobile device, via email, extranet or DMS.  In a browser, they will be able to use all DeltaView comparison functions in seconds.


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